A 21 Day Purification Journey

A journey of a thousand pounds begins with just one … bite?
Like many Americans, I have lost and gained hundreds of pounds over my lifetime. Some pounds were lost, but always regained, through stringent calorie counting and excessive exercise. Many were gained through consumption of processed foods and lack of activity. After years of abuse, even with appropriate intake and activity my body did not easily relinquish its extra baggage.
After having my third child and returning to work full time, I took serious stalk in my personal health. To be the mother of three young children and a health care provider and build a thriving business, takes a lot of energy and focus. Energy and focus were in greater demand and very short supply.
I knew, to continue, I had to make some changes. I started moving my body more, eating more whole foods and trying to get enough rest. Balanced movement, nourishment and rest are a trilogy for vitality.
Working towards that balance helped me lose some weight, but I still lacked energy and focus. I began studying nutrition in greater depth. I started carrying Standard Process, one of the oldest and most respected lines of raw whole food supplements. I learned new skills to assess the body’s imbalances and discovered very potent ways to support the body’s own healing process.
One of the tools that I have found very powerful at jump starting the healing process is Standard Process’s 21 day purification program. This is one of the most balanced purification programs I have come across. I did not feel hungry during it. I did have to plan my meals and be sure I had the right food on hand and prepared so that it was easy to stick to the program. In 21 days I lost over 15 pounds and began the journey that I am still on to improve and refine my health.
Since my first purification program, I have lost over fifty pounds. My physical energy and mental stamina have improved dramatically. I know that I can do what I need to do to support my clients, my business and my family. My body is turning into a healthy vital body that I never thought would be mine. The other times I have lost weight I swore that never again would I regain the weight. This time, I have discovered that a key to a healthy vital body is eliminating and minimizing toxins in my system. Avoiding foods that don’t suit me, avoiding non-foods as much as possible and supplementing my diet with vital nutrients to meet the challenges of modern life.
The 21 purification program is an important step to begin the lifelong journey of optimal health.
Join me on my journey. Take the first leap toward a happier, healthier you. I offer regular support through the purification program and provide a free community acupuncture treatment to support you through the detoxification process.

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