Be Stroke Savvy Part 2

auricular-baby-chartStrokes are scary and can be prevented, if one is willing to take responsibility for health and live life according to nature’s intentions rather than mass marketing and media. Prevention is by far the best medicine.

If you suspect someone has had a stroke, early treatment is essential for best outcome.

In fact, if someone has a stroke in front of you or you come upon someone who you suspect had a stroke, call 911 then find some needles and some gloves.

Diabetics often have strokes so they may have some lancets or needles around. Otherwise a safety pin will do in an emergency.

While waiting for the paramedics to arrive, prick the tips of each finger and toe and try to draw a drop of blood from each digit and also prick the earlobe in a number of places trying to get a drop of blood from each point (pay special attention to any discolored areas of the earlobe.) The points on the tips of the fingers and toes have a function of reviving consciousness and dynamically affecting the bodies energy flow. The earlobe corresponds to the brain. By pricking the points on the fingers and toes and the earlobe, you help move blood stagnation (a.k.a. blood clot) out of the body. By doing this before the stroke victim is transferred the negative outcome of the stroke may be minimized.

Yes this is powerful medicine, these points are powerful and may be tender and pricking them while waiting for hospital transfer could save a life or minimize paralysis. Once a stroke victim has been stabilized they should seek the services of an acupuncturist to further improve their outcome and work towards preventing future strokes and disease.

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