Acupuncture helps pain. There is a strong body of ancient and recent evidence supporting this reality. Most people coming to acupuncture, come for some sort of chronic pain—either musculoskeletal in nature or organ related.

Acupuncture can help chronic pain and it can help acute pain. Oftentimes pain is a result not of an external injury, but of an internal imbalance, either stuck emotions, allergies or malnutrition. The tools that Rebekah uses can help regardless of the source of the pain.

As a general rule, the older the pain, the longer the recovery time. Don’t wait for your last resort, try acupuncture first.

If you have been in a traumatic accident or had surgery, once you are stabilized, pursue acupuncture to speed your recovery and support a more complete recovery.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, acupuncture is covered by most plans through the personal injury provision. Check with your insurance and get real help to overcome your injuries.

Following are some links to articles about acupuncture’s effectiveness at treating pain:

Don’t live with pain. Let acupuncture, sound healing, lifestyle and nutritional counseling give you a chance at less pain and more vitality.