Emotional Self Clearing

NAETECLearImageEmotional Self Treatment

Emotions can make or break our health, this is a powerful tool and can be done daily to promote emotional wellness.

Find a calm and comfortable area where you can be alone with your thoughts without anyone disturbing you.  You are advised to sit or lie down with your eyes closed.  Closing your eyes will help you to concentrate better.  Do not do this procedure in a standing position.  Some people may experience problems in maintaining a stable equilibrium in a standing position with the eyes closed.


Tap and clear (See Figure 18-1 for point locations)

Step 1: Place your right three fingertips on the “pt-1” (pt-1 on the diagram) and left three fingertips on the “pt-2” (pt-2 on diagram 18-1)

While maintaining the left fingertips’ contact on “pt-2” taping on “pt-1” using right fingertips, relive your trauma, or incident of the day.  The tapping time is 60 seconds on each point.

Step 2: Maintaining the right fingertips’ contact on “pt-1,” tap on “pt-2” while reliving the memory of the incident.

Step 3: Massage clockwise on “pt-1” then on “pt-2” one minute each while thinking positive or pleasant thoughts about the incident.

Excerpt from Say Goodbye to Illness by Devi. S Nambudripad. Pp347-349.

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