Emotions are a Key

There are a number of stresses that can impact our health. Some stresses are obvious: physical trauma from a car accident or injury, clearly affects the injured area. Incorrect or insufficient diet leaves one with food poisoning or malnourished, polluted air disrupts the lungs. These are all widely accepted and understood causes of illness.

Yet we are more than flesh and bone. We are a united mind, body and spirit. If the mind and or spirit are out of balance, the body’s integrity falters. If we have swallowed grievances and pain rather than experience them and move through and past them, they become lodged within us. They can and do become chronic digestive disturbances, shortness of breath, low back or foot pain etc.

One of the beauties of acupuncture and sound healing is that these tools tap into the mind-body-spirit and can create a shift without my understanding or counseling my client through their emotional blockages. The integrated body is wise and the tools I use help integrate the body so that the still small voice can be heard and heeded. Of course many people need more than just the time on my table to process through old emotional dams, and I wish to empower my clients to become their own healers.

There are two self-help tools that many have found very effective at processing emotional debris: Meridian tapping also known as EFT and another Emotional Clearing technique published by Dr. Devi Nambudripad is discussed in my previous blog.  There are a number of good resources on EFT including emofree.com and this link is an efficient training tool as well.

If the emotional traumas that you are working through are too much to work through on your own, seek out counsel with someone who is credentialed and trustworthy. Another powerful technique that many quality counselors are trained in is EMDR. Chronic illness that does not shift in spite of the best diet and holistic care often has an emotional component. Processing through emotional sticking points will change your life.

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