Energy Exercises

A core piece of healing through East Asian Medicine is appropriate activity. Most of us know that balanced activity in the form of cardio-workouts and strength training are very useful and essential for optimal vitality. However moving with intention and breath and tapping into core energy areas can provide tools for building your body’s good energy (Qi) and venting bad Qi in a very real way.

Winter is the perfect time to start an energy exercise routine.

There are a number of ways to practice moving with intention and breath. Yoga, Tai Qi and Qi Gong are three accessible and powerful forms of meditation in movement, and these practices can also provide a great cardio and strength training program. Spokane is blessed to have many yoga studios: Equal Standing Spokane is a great yoga resource and lists local studios. Tai Qi and Qi Gong classes are also available in Spokane through parks and recreation classes and local studios.

There are also many books available to help you shape and guide your energy exercise routine. Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women by Donna Eden are full of different exercises to tap into and shift your body’s energy. 7 Minutes of Magic: Recharge Your Body Each Day with Qi Gong by Lee Holden is a great resource as well. It provides a seven minute routine for the morning and the evening to help move and strengthen your vital energy. I have enjoyed doing these routines with my daughter and have certainly felt a positive impact on my wellbeing as a result.

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