Four Generations

This New Year I made a Treasure Map to map out my aspirations for the coming year. One of the quotes I put into my career section was “If you get paid for doing something you love, then every paycheck is a bonus.” This past Sunday I felt especially blessed to be able to do the work I do.

Within a two hour time period I had four generations of one family flow through my office. Ninety year old great grandma came in for my community clinic, to receive support for a variety of health concerns and a stress reset since she is caring for her husband who I s receiving hospice support. Grandma came in for a maintenance treatment.

New-mom-to be, was in early labor and came in for her scheduled labor preparation treatment.She had been contracting off and on through the weekend. The last she knew she was 3 cm dilated and fully effaced. This was her first baby and she was in good spirits and well aware that she could meet her baby in many hours or many days. I administered acupuncture focusing on points that are known to promote and sustain labor. I gave her a postpartum folder that provided directions for stimulating the labor induction points, and tidbits of information about tools to move though labor and postpartum. I sang birth songs to her and reminded her that loose lips help open the pelvis and pelvic floor. Then I left her to rest with the needles.

She rested for about an hour. She said she flowed in and out of a sleep like state and when a contraction came she relaxed her jaw and blew through her lips. At the end of her treatment, she felt rested and ready for the birth journey ahead of her.

Her water broke about 12 hours after her treatment and she delivered her beautiful daughter less than 7 hours after her water broke. I get to meet the baby tomorrow, what a bonus!

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