Insomnia Aids

I often have patients who come to me with insomnia.  At times it is their primary health concern, more often it is just one of the many signs and symptoms that comes to light during a detailed intake.  Severe insomnia can be debilitating, occasional insomnia is inevitable.  Fortunately there are many ways to overcome insomnia; acupuncture and East Asian medicine can help.

Sometimes after just two or three treatments sleep quantity and quality begin to steadily improve.  A 20-minute acupuncture nap is as rejuvenating as six hours of restful sleep, and most of my patients “sleep” on my table by the third treatment.

Of course, acupuncture and East Asian Medicine is only part of this bed time story:  Matthew Edlund, MD, is an expert on rest, sleep, performance, and public health. He is the author of The Power of Rest, The Body Clock Advantage, and Designed to Last.  Previous articles of his can be found at and  He is the Director of the Gulf Coast Sleep Institute Center for Circadian Medicine in Sarasota, Florida and is well spoken in this interview on The Peoples Pharmacy:

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