Kale Salad

This recipe comes from one of my clients, it sounds delicious. I am going to make some for dinner tonight. This would be appropriate to eat year round and with the 21 Day Purification program.

Cut one, clean bunch of kale into bite sized strips.

Drizzle enough olive oil (or other cold pressed healthy oil) over the top of the chopped kale to coat it.

Add 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt (or my salt combo of equal parts sea salt, kelp or dulse flakes and onion or garlic powder)

Massage the oil and salt mix into the kale (you will be using your hands), this makes the kale the perfect texture for a raw kale salad.

Once the kale had been oiled and softened add whatever other veggies and salad bits sound delicious or eat the kale salad as is.

Sample salad: Kale, apples. avocados, olives, sesame seeds, shredded carrots and cabbage.

You may add an additional dressing for added flavor.

Delicious, beautiful and certainly nutritious!

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