Love Your Lungs and Large Intestine


Have any of you been waking up, for “no apparent reason” between 3 and 5 in the morning? You still want to sleep, but for some reason you are awake? Are you experiencing more sinus or chest related symptoms? Have your bowel habits changed, for better or worse? It may be mysterious to you, but it makes perfect sense to an East Asian Medicine practitioner.

In East Asian Medicine each season is affiliated with an organ pair. The organs that are associated with the season are the organs that may be most impacted (positively or negatively) throughout the season. Bringing awareness to the functions of the organs and ways to support them with nutrition, movement and attitude can be a powerful tool to create and sustain wellness.

If you are wondering why you are waking up so early, or just want to know how to support your Lungs and Large Intestines as we move into Fall check out this link: Lung and Large Intestines

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