Acute and Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain

“After breaking my neck in a basketball game, my upper back was full of painful knots. In one treatment the knots were almost gone and after a series of treatments I felt really good. My neck has recovered completely and I am back on the basketball court playing the game I love. “

– Haley age 16, Spokane WA

“I was diagnosed with migraines my junior year of high school. I didn’t want to take the drugs that were prescribed, so I tried acupuncture with Rebekah. After just four treatments I have been migraine free for almost a month and I will continue with maintenance treatments and take the herbs that actually get to the root cause of the problem.”

-Nick 17 years old, Spokane

“I had been feeling chronic pain in my right hand and right foot for months. After talking with Rebekah, I decided to get an acupuncture treatment to see if I could get some pain relief. To my complete astonishment, (this was my first acupuncture treatment), the pain disappeared. I have not once felt either pain again. Thanks Rebekah!”

-Amalia,  Spokane

“After slipping and falling on my icy driveway, landing flat on my back, I thought it would be months before my pain would subside and figured my tailbone was  fractured.  This really affected everything I did, every day.  I was miserable for the first two weeks.  I ended up at Lavender and Sage, and Rebekah eased me onto her treatment table for a 10-minute healing session.  It was actually quite pleasant, and I felt the effects immediately.  By the next day, the pain was diminished greatly, and within a week, full range of motion was restored  and my back is now pain-free! Thanks, Rebekah!”

-Alicia,  Newman Lake

“I have always been a dancer and enjoyed running. After a foot injury that did not resolve, I was unable to run and was finding it harder to keep dancing. After a series of treatments with Rebekah, nutritional therapy and greater self awareness and care, my foot no longer prevents me from dancing, hiking or running, the tightness in my shoulders and back has improved and my digestion is much better too. I continue on a maintenance schedule to keep feeling well and to continue improving my vitality.”

-Renee, Spokane WA

“I have suffered from constipation much of my life, and had chronic back pain for many years. I have also experienced insomnia for many years now. After a series of treatments with Rebekah and nutritional therapy: my bowels are regular, I am sleeping through the night and waking rested, and my back rarely bothers me. I am on a maintenance schedule to keep the healing process rolling.”

-Nancy, Spokane WA


“After my son had his DTAP immunization, he developed a number of food allergies. Eggs, Dairy and Nuts were the worst, since I was still breastfeeding him, I also needed to avoid those allergens he was so sensitized to them. Thankfully Rebekah told me about NAET, she treated my son for the Basic 15 and the imunization and a few other substances he showed allergies to. He has now been able to eat cheese and other dairy with no problems, he can eat a variety of products with eggs in them and though I have hesitated to give him nuts, his allergy tests indicate he has no identifiable allergies.”

-Anne, Spokane

“I have been very allergic to many things much of my life. Dairy was one of my worst allergies, it would often leave me riddled with itchy aggravating excema. I also have had horrible seasonal allergies and haven’t been able to smell for years. After one treatment with Rebekah I was able to smell for a bit. I have incorporated dairy back into my diet and am itch free. I continue to peel away the layers of allergies with the help of NAET and whole food supplements. I can’t wait to smell the roses.”

-Vickie, Loon Lake

Digestive Disorders

“My stomach was really bothering me. After a series of medical tests, a round of antibiotics and other failed medical therapies my stomach still hurt. I decided I needed to try a more holistic approach and I went to Rebekah. After just a few acupuncture treatments and some nutritional support my stomach discomfort is almost gone and my entire digestive system has improved its function. We continue to work on some chronic joint pain and I plan to continue treatments to see how good I can feel. Just because I have lived many years, does not mean I need to feel old.”

-Mike, 89 years old, Spokane WA

“I have suffered from digestive discomfort for years. When I came to Rebekah I was experiencing significant jaw pain with certain foods, stomach discomfort, hypoglycemia, an inability to gain weight and nervousness.  The jaw pain resolved quickly and the other symptoms have improved markedly over a series of treatments and a commitment to a nutritional program.  I have even gained five pounds. I am continuing treatment to continue to peel away the layers of my imbalance and maximize my vitality and vigor.”

-Ken, Spokane WA

Illness Recovery

“After my thyroid was removed due to thyroid cancer, I was exhausted and worried about returning to work. I often felt like a brick was sitting on my head. I also had some residual fluid build-up in my jaw that was probably from the radiation treatment for the cancer, I had developed an anaphylactic response to the fluid and needed to take antihistamines regularly and had an Epi-pen just in case. After my first treatment my need for antihistamines diminished. I have returned to work and feel able to fulfill my duties. There is no longer a brick on my thoughts and I am committed to continuing treatments with Rebekah and nutritional therapy to peel away the layers of imbalance and provide my body with nourishment to rebuild. I look forward to a life of strength, mental clarity and balance. Every day in every way I am getting better and better.”

-Norma, Spokane

“I usually get a bout of bronchitis every winter, the last time, it was bad enough that I was almost hospitalized. This winter I went to Rebekah when my lungs started complaining. With acupuncture, Gua Sha, and nutritional support I was able to get well fast and no longer fear bronchitis.”

-Alicia, Spokane

Women’s Health and Fertility Support

“After my C-section my periods were so painful that my knuckles would turn white from gripping the table in pain and at times I could not make it through my work day. After receiving treatments from Rebekah including acupuncture, heat, cold laser scar treatments and  nutritional counseling and therapy, my periods are virtually pain free. So many other things have also improved and no more white knuckles for me !”

-Monica, Spokane Valley

“During perimenopause I began flooding so severely that my doctor wanted to remove my uterus to prevent further bloodloss. I knew there must be better options and thankfully found Rebekah. In just one treatment the flooding stopped.  I continued with moxa, nutritional support and regular treatments to regain and increase my health. Now I know my golden years can be truly golden and I have all my body parts to go into them. Thanks Rebekah!”

-Cindy, Spokane WA

“I have been struggling with perimenopause for years. After starting bio-identical hormones I was still struggling. However when Rebekah treated me with NAET for hormones, my symptoms improved a lot. Thank goodness I am not so hot.”

-Vickie, Loon Lake

“I have suffered menstrual discomfort for years. After just two treatments from Rebekah and nutritional therapy, my period had a normal flow and was not painful. I am excited to see how much my health will improve with further treatment”

-Jessica, Post Falls ID

“My husband and I were ready to start our family. I stopped taking the pill and for months we tried to conceive without success. I contacted Rebekah and first she told me to read Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Wechsler. After reviewing the book I realized that I did not have enough fertile mucus. I went to Rebekah with this information and received my first acupuncture treatment days before I was due to ovulate. After one treatment, I had more fertile mucus than I had ever seen in my life. I became pregnant after that treatment, benefited from acupuncture support through early pregnancy and joyfully met my daughter 10 months after meeting Rebekah.”

-Tara, Spokane

Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum Support

“After my water broke and labor did not begin, I was afraid my plans for a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian) may not happen. Even though needles usually make me pass out, I went to Rebekah for acupuncture labor induction. I had more than three contractions on the table and was very energized after the treatment.  I went home and had hours of regular contractions and delivered my baby at home, as planned, less than 36 hours after my acupuncture treatment.”

-Stacy, Spokane WA

“After three nights of irregular contractions that kept me up, but did not seem to move my labor forward, I was ready to give up my hopes for a VBAC. I was exhausted and unable to rest. My doula arranged for Rebekah to come to the house before I transferred to the hospital and within two minutes of Rebekah taping the needles in place my contraction began coming every two minutes. When we transferred to the hospital I was dilated to two centimeters and desperate for some rest. I received an epidural and slept for three hours. After three hours I was almost fully dilated and a few hours later pushed my baby girl out. It was exactly the birth we needed.”

-Tara, Spokane WA

“When I developed high blood pressure less than nine weeks into my pregnancy, I went to Rebekah. After a series of treatments and nutritional therapy, my blood pressure was under control and remained that way throughout my pregnancy. When I developed gestational diabetes, through a commitment to improved nutrition and continuing acupuncture I was able to keep my blood sugar stable. Near the end of my pregnancy I received a number of labor preparation treatments to help prepare my body for the birth of our son.”

-Darcelina, Spokane WA

“After having my baby, I was very distressed by my milk supply. My baby was hungry and I was hardly ably to pump a teaspoon. My lactation consultant, Alicia Burgett, and my midwife referred me to Rebekah. Rebekah came to my house and gave me acupuncture to help boost my supply and did moxibustion to  rebuild my energy after delivery. After one treatment I was able to pump more than an ounce and after a series of treatments I have been able to exclusively breastfeed my daughter.”

-Shannon, Spokane WA

“I had problems with low milk supply with all three of my babies. However, with my third baby, I decided to try acupuncture to help boost my supply. After my first treatment I noticed more fullness in both breasts and after a series of treatments I was able to pump five times more than before and my baby was needing less and less supplementation. I have also been on a nutritional program and began taking Domperidome which has boosted my supply even more. In addition to more milk, my chronic upper back pain has improved and so has my digestion.”

-Charity Spokane WA