Cold Laser Scar Treatment

Cold laser scar treatment is a painless and effective treatment for the neurological disturbances caused by many different types of scars. Cold laser therapy stimulates the scar’s healing process without doing any damage to the tissue and has been proven to provide pain relief and reduce damage due to injury and loss of function.

The Problem With Scars

From an East Asian medical perspective, scars on the surface of the body create disruption in the flow of Qi. Many surgery and injury induced scars cut across a number of meridians and can impair the flow of energy through those meridians and to the physical organs, thus causing impaired bodily function.

From a Western scientific viewpoint any area of the skin that heals by forming a scar has increased sympathetic nerve innervation. These scars, new or old, can sometimes suddenly “activate” and act as capacitors which accumulate nerve energy (Qi) and randomly mis-fire, affecting local areas or ganglia that innervate areas/organs far away from the scar site. Clinically this becomes important when patients have tried many therapies that really should have created more noticeable change. If the scar is causing interference in the body’s energy, it must be treated to attain maximal vitality.

Some clinical examples include:

  • Patients with impaired kidney function who have improved after an old appendix scar was treated.
  • A knee scar that was treated enabled a frozen shoulder to clear up.

Scar therapy is especially important in supporting postpartum women (weeks or decades postpartum) who have been suffering from depression, fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, pelvic organ or gastrointestinal problems. After treating the underlying scar (perineal or cesarean) and incorporating a balanced nutritional program, women who felt they would never become well, have become well.

Therapies for scars

By combining these three therapies the neurological disturbance caused by scars can be eliminated in most cases.

  1. Massage: Massage freshly squeezed Wheat Germ and/or Sesame Seed Oil perles onto a scar (along and across the scar) regularly, one to two times a day for a 90 day period. This helps %50 of all scars.
  2. “Cold Laser” light therapy: Shine light about 1 inch from the scar, run the light across the entire scar. A session usually lasts about 5 minutes and should be done weekly for 4-8 sessions. This helps %70 percent of all scars.
  3. Acupuncture: Using a technique called Surrounding the Dragon, very fine needles are directed toward the center of the scar.

I had two lower-back spinal surgeries in 2003 (5 weeks apart) and a Cesarean Section birth in June 2008, both of which left me with significantly deep scars.  When I first visited New Moon Acupuncture, I still had some pink color and total adhesion in my back scar – it had been that way for 6 years. Now, just a few months later, my back scar is not at all pink and there is quite a bit of movement between the skin and the flesh. Initially, my C-Section scar was totally numb all the way across my belly and very deep into the tissue. It was also very pink on either end of the scar. Now, the numbness is gone by more than half in width and depth and the color is totally skin-toned, no pink at all. I feel much more comfortable and normal in the belly area now.  It is amazing to me that both old and new scars can be helped by acupuncture in such amazing ways!  And that is not to mention the many other benefits I have felt since being treated by New Moon Acupuncture. Thank you Rebekah!

~ Aly (Spokane, WA)