Spring Support


After a long dark winter, many of us delight in the brighter Spring days. Springs brings with her the energy of growth, new life and new beginnings. However, if our bodies are out of balance, Spring may also mark the beginning of runny noses, itchy eyes, irritability and frustration. The Liver and Gallbladder are the organs most impacted by the Spring and if they are out of balance, Spring can be a very challenging time physically, emotionally and spiritually.

If your Liver and Gallbladder feel out of balance, be sure to get to through this article for recipes and self care tips and download a fabulous handout to direct you toward many simple tools to balance your Liver and Gallbladder.

Spring is the perfect time to change your diet from the heavier diet that may be more appropriate in Winter, to a lighter more detoxifying diet that matches Spring’s energy and crop. Organic dark leafy greens are powerful for nourishing and detoxifying and they are quite delicious with just a little preparation.

Beets, beet greens and lemons are perfect for cleansing your liver and moving your bowels. Here is a simple delicious recipe that should change your opinion of beets and make your Liver and Gallbladder dance and quiver with cleansing delight: http://www.newmoonacupuncture.com/beets-rock/


If you are finding yourself sniffling and sneezing, itching and wheezing and need a little extra support. Consider coming in for acupuncture. If you know you have seasonal allergies, it is best to support your system before the season arrives to reduce and prevent allergies. Many of my patients who were regular allergy sufferers are no longer suffering after a course of treatments and some herbal and dietary support.


I am attaching a great handout that is full of self healing tips to support the Liver and Gallbladder all year long. Since Spring is often the time that the Liver and Gallbladder may rear their ugly imbalance if they are congested and restrained this is a timely offering:

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