Success with a Painful Condition

This is not the most comfortable health concern to talk about for many reasons, but many people suffer from it and feel helpless.

You need not be helpless against:


What a pain in the tush!

They often crop up during pregnancy or after delivery. They are common in people with sedentary jobs and poor fiber intake. Men and women alike have found themselves cursed with this painful condition. Yet suffering an embarrassing silence, or relying solely on Tux or other witch hazel products are not the only recourse.

I have had success in a number of cases or dramatically reducing the pain and discomfort associated with this condition. Sometimes within minutes of treatment.

Acupuncture and herbs (collinsonia root) and appropriate water and fiber intake can dramatically improve hemorrhoids.

One client after almost two weeks of not being able to work and barely able to mother because of her discomfort. Received some improvement from the herb collinsonia root alone and was virtually pain free within hours of her acupuncture treatment.

I promise there is no local needling involved with the acupuncture treatment!

Let’s get to the point: Hemorrhoids hanging out and making it hard to sit, stand or eliminate? Get some acupuncture, one treatment may give you remarkable results. With herbs and slight diet modification results may last a lifetime. Life is challenging enough without a real pain in the butt.

pregnant bellys
Pregnancy and childbirth can be common causes of hemorrhoids.

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