Sugar Woes-Agave not so great.

Ancient humans consumed an average about a a pound of concentrated sugar a year. Today the average is anywhere from 150 to 230 pounds of concentrated sugar. High Fructose corn syrup and soda plays a big role in this obscene increase.

If sugar were as good for the body as it tastes we would not be in the health predicaments that we, as a society, are in.

The rates of obesity,diabetes and cardiovascular disease are soaring.

I often counsel my clients to increase their intake of colorful vegetables and minimize their intake of white sugar, white flour and dairy. Beyond the white sugar, I often recommend curbing carbohydrate intake, especially if there are signs of blood sugar imbalances (which are present almost always.)

Many people embrace the woes of white sugars but still search for something sweet to eat to fill their days. In search for that something many have turned to agave nectar. Now their is ample evidence from many sources that agave nectar is not health supporting. In fact, it may be more harmful than high fructose corn syrup.

This article from expounds on the evidence.

Rather than searching for concentrated sweetness to consume, I invite you to delight in beets, and cabbage and fresh crisp apples.

I also invite you to live the sweetness of life, accept sweetness as a way of life. A way to walk and talk and be. We need not fill our mouths with sugar to live a sweet life.

In fact, the sugar is more likely to be preventing the sweet life.

Live well, eat well, be well.

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