What is Qi?

Qi is most often translated as vital energy- though it is much more than energy. Qi is the driving force behind everything.  Within the body it is responsible for all physiological processes and structures.  If Qi is moving smoothly and properly abundant- the body is healthy and supple and able to move through the myriad of life’s challenges without breaking. When Qi gets stuck, through physical or emotional trauma, toxins, improper food or activity; pathology arises, often in the form of pain or malfunctioning organs. There are many ways to tap into the body’s Qi. The tools I most often use are acupuncture, Acutonics® Sound healing, Gua Sha, Massage and Cupping, and Moxa  and Nutritional counseling and supplements. I also direct clients to other self care techniques like Qi Gong or Yoga, Emotional Freedom Technique (http://meridiantappingtechniques.com/basics.html, or http://www.mercola.com/forms/eftcourse1.htm ), self massage, moxa, and meditation.

Though the concept of Qi may sound etheric, however there are many metaphors that can help one realize how very real and palpable Qi is:

Qi is money, without enough of it you are unable to meet your basic financial needs. If it is not moving it is stagnating and not creating the change and growth it should. If it is spent frivolously it  dissipates leaving empty pockets and insufficient Qi to meet life’s needs.

Qi is electricity, if there is disconnect in any part of the electrical wiring, the energy will not get where it needs to go. If the powerhouse fails or the external wires are severed, the lights won’t go on, there is power failure.

Qi is traffic, with appropriate infrastructure to meet the needs of the population, traffic flows smoothly. If there is an accident and traffic flow stops or slows, Qi is obstructed. If a bridge is blocked or destroyed Qi stops flowing through that route, new routes may be used or if there are no other routes complete obstruction occurs.

Within the body Qi empowers each organ and aids in the flow of nerve impulses, blood and lymph. If injuries (physical or emotional) go unresolved, or inadequate nourishment (prenatal Qi, air Qi, or food Qi) is present, Qi will not flow smoothly and will not nourish and move smoothly through the body. There are many ways to shift your Qi, the first step is to realize you can manifest your destiny and nourish and move your Qi.

Help yourself and let me help you.

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